The "business" of building homes is a very personal one.  Bella builds homes because they enjoy the process of helping clients realize their dream home. From the first meeting to the final walk-through, Bella helps clients fine tune designs, manage costs, and implement style, function, and energy efficiency to create a home that will provide years of enjoyment.   We work hard to promise that the process of building your home will be as enjoyable as living in your home.


Having architecture, design and construction expertise in one firm streamlines the design/build process and saves months of time and ultimaltley money.  Together we check and double check every aspect of the plans and specifications for your home.  Everyone involved in the project has immediate access to the information they need – so questions are answered, problems are avoided and delays are avoided.  Because of our process, our construction sites are well organized and efficient.  Our process and experience proves, we attract the finest craftsmen and subcontractors and work only with those who share our high standards to build your home.


The custom home building and remodeling process may seem overwhelming at first, but as custom home builders and remodelers we know how to make it easy. We begin by listening. We want to know why you want to build, where you want to build, and what your vision is for your home.  In this first meeting, we will also help to explain the building process from planning to financing.  At Bella we have worked on hundreds of projects in the last 12years, so we can answer all your questions.


Once we have a vision, we get to work.  First, we get a footprint of the lot and study its features. Next, we pull out our pencils and start to work with you to create a floor plan that will work harmoniously with the lot or home you are in.  We then create a design plan that will give you cost allowances for things such as appliances, cabinets, and lighting, helping you to make choices that allow you to get what you want while staying on budget.


Next we start walking you through every step of the technical process, from the design to the finished blueprints and permits.  It's our job to see that your project meets all necessary requirements and is not just built to code, but is built to the Bella standards. 


Our skilled interior design team will help guide you as you select all the materials that will help to make your home yours.  From paint colors to flooring, countertops to cabinets, and lighting to faucets, you will have the opportunity to choose the design elements that will best reflect your dream vision.  We are happy to work with your designers anywhere along the way.


We have the plan and permits, a timetable and a budget in place, we can get on to the part we all love…building! The best homes come from working together and so we arrange for clients to regularly walk the construction site so that any questions or concerns can be addressed immediately.   We are all in this adventure together.


Building a custom home is an personal.  It is a chance to bring your ideas an wishes to life.   When we hand you the keys to yourhome, you can move in with confidence and the pride knowing that your home was built with quality, care, and integrity.