We’ve been admiring the stunning craftsmanship of Bella Custom Homes for 11 years. We’ve seen the amount of time they invest building relationships with clients to ensure their unique style needs are met. For these reasons, we knew with total confidence we wanted Bella to do our remodel. Jeremy and Trisha are amazing to work with. From the early stages of our project the collaboration process was great. We wanted to completely reconfigure the interior of our home while maintaining its character. Jeremy and Trisha spent a considerable amount of time listening to our wishes and helping us create a plan that would bring our vision to life. Throughout the project they were always available to answer our questions, provide guidance and solve any problems that arose. This open communication and availability allowed our project to be completed on time and on budget. Jeremy and Trisha executed our vision perfectly and we absolutely love our home! It’s a great open floor plan that maintained the character, roof line, and footprint of the original home while giving it a new modern look. Jeremy and Trisha are definitely experts in this field and we will continue to recommend Bella Custom Homes to anyone considering a remodel or new build.
— Gretchen L.
....We gave Jeremy a tight schedule and lots of new things to try. Like every contractor he accepted the challenge, but unlike others he delivered on quality and on time! More important, he was a pleasure to work with, always paying attention to detail and helpful even when it wasn’t within the spec we agreed....Jeremy is one of those guys that doesn’t let you down ever and that goes the extra mile to keep you happy. We will do any future work with him....
— The Volpis
My wife and my first encounter with Bella Custom Homes was during an open house for one of their remodel projects. We were immediately impressed with the craftsmanship of the project and the owner, Jeremy, whom left us with a lasting, positive impression. We scouted a fair number of builders between the period when we first met Jeremy, up until we signed a contract enlisting Bella Custom Homes to do our remodel. Our due diligence proved that Bella was the obvious choice for us. We chose Bella Custom Homes for three reasons: The craftsmanship, the value, and we really enjoyed working with Jeremy. We recommend choosing Bella Custom Homes for those reasons and more, including their team approach, local roots in the community and high level of integrity.
We enjoyed the collaborative nature of the process. Not only were Jeremy and Trisha a pleasure to work with, but we collaborated with most of the sub-contractors and they were terrific, too. We appreciated their candor and willingness to share opinions on when to choose function over form, which is very important because remodels present unique challenges when blending the old with the new.
Bella Custom Homes is a local small business and we favor the idea of supporting such businesses. Additionally, we felt that Bella’s local roots were added peace-of-mind, should any issues arise during construction or after.
Any builder can “sell” you in the short-term on how good they are, but the exceptional builders prove it in the long-term. We equate building/remodeling a house to a marriage, of sorts, with your builder: There are always highs and lows, but to be successful in the end, there has to be transparency and trust. A builder’s craftsmanship is self-evident, but the character of the organization and owner(s) isn’t always as clear. We can vouch for the folks at Bella Custom Homes, and especially the owner, Jeremy. My wife and I had a good “gut feeling” about him after our very first meeting, and he continued to impress us with every subsequent encounter. After finding out that we chose to build with Bella, both realtors and one particular local hardware store owner that we know well, all had wonderful things to say about Bella, and Jeremy in particular. To quote that small business owner, “With Jeremy, you don’t have to worry about what’s behind the walls like you do with some of the other builders out there”. Hearing comments like that only reassured us that working with Bella was a smart decision. Having recently gone through the remodel process, we can’t underscore enough how important it is to work with a builder that exudes integrity. We can site many instances where a builder with lesser integrity could have taken advantage of us throughout or project.
After comparing the finished projects of many other builders to those of the handful of Bella Custom Homes that we viewed, we always agreed that Bella’s quality and craftsmanship was at the top of our list. That opinion still holds true. Our remodel exceeded expectations and turned out more impressive than we had initially anticipated.

— Mike & Kami